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The ATOM Active X Earbuds are the perfect choice for a pair of sleek, long-lasting, earbuds you can use for your exercising, productivity vibes, or when you're looking just to kick it.

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Introducing the Atom Active X Earbuds

Take premium sound anywhere you go. Subtly and style is the name of the game. These earbuds bring the latest tech to the forefront of in-ear sound tech.

Over 40 Hours Of Listening

Atom Active X delivers up to 5 hours of listening
time on a single charge. With our charging case
that comes with every pair of earbuds, you
will get multiple charges. The pair will
now get you over 40 hours of listening time.

        Universal Secure Fit    

Due to its small shape and secure in-ear position,
Atom Active X earbuds are perfect for running,
playing sports, hiking, working out, or even just
relaxing. It was designed to be hands free for
optimal convenience. With filtering technology
and sweat resistant coating, the Atom
earbuds are water-resistant and utterly
sweat proof.

      Built In Microphone    

A Built-In HD Microphone allows for seamless
calling and access to Siri/Google Assistant
with just a slight tough, giving you the smoothest
hands-free sound experience.

9D Enhanced Stereo Sound

Pairing 2 earbuds wirelessly is now possible.
The Atom X Active earbuds provide enhanced 9D
surround stereo sound in wireless form.
Crisp and accurate like you've never heard it.

Bluetooth 5.0

Atom Active X now comes with enhanced
bluetooth 5.0 technology. With this, you'll e able to
connect any mobile device with extremely fast pairing
and much more stable connections. No need to keep
your wires around any longer!

Multi Device Charging

Atom sound technology offers a unique feature
you won't be able to find in other earbuds. These
earbuds come with the ability to act as charging
hub for your other devices. Charge not only your
earbuds, but your phone or anything else
on the go!

Bring The Boom Wherever You Go

This is what happens when input from platinum artists meets real customer feedback. The Active X Earbuds deliver precision tuned, high-fidelity sound. And we dropped in bass boosted audio cores and the latest chipset to give your music and podcasts the sound they deserve.

The Shape of You

The Active X Earbuds tailor themselves to you. To give you the best fit possible, we designed them from real ears and gave them customizable soft-comfort gel tips. Even though you might forget you're wearing them, they're bound to make a statement.

Cut the Cords

36 hours of battery life mean the Active X Earbuds are ready when you are. The case is fully compatible with a Qi-compatable charging mat so you can juice up on the move

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We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If your product stops working, simply package it up and return it. We'll exchange it for a brand new device and ship it out immediately.



The Active X Earbuds are poolside safe and workout ready. While you shouldn’t go swimming with them, they are water-resistant with IPX4 grade protection against weather and sweat.

Battery Life?

Up to 40 hours with Noise Cancelling and Transparency Mode off, plus use 10-minute Fast Fuel for 3 hours of playback when battery is low

Bluetooth Connectivity?

It’s as easy taking them out of the charging capsule! As soon as they’re removed, both earphones will turn on automatically and be ready to pair. Just go to the Bluetooth settings on your desired device, click the Metron Earbuds and enjoy!


Our Active X Earbuds are compatible with most Bluetooth enabled devices like mobile phones, tablets, and computers regardless of the brand. As long as you can select the earbuds on the device, you should be good to go!


Our Warranty covers any manufacturer defects within the first year of purchase. If the sound bugs out on you or your capsule randomly stops charging, we have you covered.

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