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*Note: HeroGrip™ comes in a standard length of 5 Meters (16.4 feet).

The HeroGrip™ Tape puts other adhesives and mounting techniques to shame. Now, with a new design and improved ductility to make your home improvement projects easier than ever!

High Versatility

HeroGrip™ Tape is so easy to use on virtually any service. Simply cut the desired length, remove the protective film, and attach two surfaces without worry of damage

How HeroGrip™ Works

HeroGrip™ Tape uses Nano-PU gel to construct a super strong, durable yet removable transparent material. It's unique properties allow it to hold without leaving residue marks

Built and Improved for Optimal Durability and Comfort

Our HeroGrip™ Tape is specially designed with all you DIY'ers out there! It's washable and reusable. Just wash it off to allow it to regain adhesion and use it again.


Holds up to 5 pounds (2.3kg) using super-adhesive Nano-PU gel.


Simply rinse off with water to reuse again and again.



HeroGrip Tape is safe and environmentally friendly.


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We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If HeroGrip™ stops working for you, simply package it up and return it.

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"I use HeroGrip Tape for all of my home improvement projects these days. I always have some laying around."

Stephen R.

2 APR 2020, 12:21

"We don't even remember what we used to do before getting HeroGrip Tape. It's so strong and doesn't leave any marks at all!"

Laura A.

15 JAN 2020, 14:42

"It's so versatile and even reusable. We supply this to all of our contractors with the utmost positive feedback. Get this."

BetterHomes A.

15 SEP 2017, 14:42


How Strong is HeroGrip Tape?

HeroGrip Tape is super strong! You can use it to hold together objects up to 5 pounds (2.3 kgs) in most cases. During testing of HeroGrip, we were able to find that the cleaner and flatter the surface, the more weight it could hold. In some cases we observed up to 10 pounds (4.6 kgs) of adhesion strength.

How Does It Work?

HeroGrip tape is made from a unique, yet safe, substance known as Nano-PU gel. Composed of a nanoparticle, polyurethane gel, this gel is soft, but rigid, allowing it to form a complex particle structure, and thus making it a perfect adhesive foundation.

Will HeroGrip Tape Leave Marks on My Wall?

No, HeroGrip's unique properties prevent it from damaging the surfaces on which it is used. Use it without leaving a trace!

How Do I Use It?

Simply cut the desired length from the roll and attach it to a flat, clean surface. Remove the protective film from the HeroGrip and finally, attach your object(s) onto the new adhesive side

Is it Safe?

Yes, our HeroGrip™ Tape is made from safe and environmentally friendly substances :)

What Surfaces Can I Use HeroGrip Tape On?

HeroGrip Tape is double-sided and can stick to virtually anything. Use it on glass, wood, marble, metal, plastic, ceramic tile, and much more!

Can HeroGrip Tape Be Used Outdoors?

Yes, HeroGrip Tape can be used outdoors, however it is not waterproof. It works perfectly in temperatures between 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-16 C) and 150 degrees Fahrenheit (62 C).

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