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INSTANTLY Reduce Back Pain and Discover Unmatched Comfort Today!

Sleeping on your side can put enormous pressure on your lower back, hip, and knees. Say goodbye to aches and discover ultimate sleeping comfort with the Lushly™ Orthopedic Leg Pillow!

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How it Works

By properly spacing your knees, the Lushly™ Orthopedic Pillow creates the most optimal side sleeping posture. It was ergonomically designed to fit perfectly between your legs and help relieve sciatica pain and pressure on your lower back, hip, legs, ankles, and hip joints.

Unique Design for Optimal Sleep

The Lushly™ Orthopedic Leg Pillow was uniquely designed with premium memory foam, retaining its original shape to offer maximal comfort without flattening over time. With meticulous craftsmanship, this pillow is more than equipped to keep your spine aligned, help improve circulation, and relieve tension for a much healthier sleep.

Built and Improved for Optimal Durability and Comfort

Unlike other leg pillows, the Lushly™ has been put through endless testing to create the perfect shape and amount of softness to help you stay comfortable throughout the entire night. Our design utilizes a unique leg strep that prevents the pillow from moving around to keep it between your legs without any trouble.

Premium Material

Soft to the touch, 100% cotton, premium memory foam to provide maximum comfort


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Better Sleep

Better, pain-free sleep.

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What is the Lushly™ Leg Pillow Made of?

It is crafted with ultra premium memory foam. Our memory foam won't flatten over time like other generic brands.

How Does It Work?

The Lushly™ Orthopedic Leg Pillow was developed with a unique ergonomic design to fit perfectly with the human leg shape. It conforms to the space between your thighs to align the hips, reducing leg, back, hip, and sciatica pains.

Does the Lushly™ Leg Pillow Fit All Sizes?

Yes, our pillow was designed in such a way to fit most body shapes and sizes. Premium memory foam contours to your body regardless of shape or size.

What Sorts of Pain Does it Treat?

The Lushly™ Leg Pillow can significantly reduce leg, back, hip, and sciatica pains.

Why a Leg Strap?

The leg strep is the perfect addition to our new design. Unlike other orthopedic pillows, our design utilizes this leg strap so that your pillow stays between your legs to work effectively all night long, without you having to do any adjusting!

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