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The PULSA™ Intelligent Neck Massager 2.0 uses low-frequency, low-cycle pulses to heal and provide instant relief and maximum comfort .

Perfect for people sitting at a desk or looking at a computer screen all day

It has been optimized to effectively relieve muscle pain and soreness while soothing fatigue and giving your neck, traps, and shoulders the love they deserve.

Say no more to expensive chiropractor bills and massage appointments.

  ✔️ Simulates a "real hand" Massage Experience
  ✔️ Absolute Portability and Lightweight Design
    ✔️ Variable Heat Functions
    ✔️ Ergonomic "U" Shape Design to Fit All Neck Sizes

Soothe Chronic Neck Pain

The PULSA™ 2.0 uses two powerful massage nodes to provide gentle kneading along with soothing warm pulsations 3-5 centimeters below the skin. As a result, you get increased blood flow, resulting in a release of endorphins to relieve pain in the affected area.

You can expect a deep, "real-hand" massage experience to release tight muscles and mitigate the discomforts associated with the neck and cervical spine

How the PULSA works

The Intelligent Neck Massager by PULSA combines low frequency electric pulses with a steady flow of heat and TENS™ (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology. In doing so, trouble areas that experience tightness receive a mass increase in blood flow and painkilling endorphins.

Expect to feel greater range of motion and mobility in massaged areas as well as all surrounding muscle groups. Use it for 15 minutes a day for best results.

Built and Improved for Optimal Durability and Comfort

The PULSA 2.0 has been newly designed with an ergonomic "U" shape for an even better fit. We have used the highest quality materials for durability meant to last


Simulates the perfect "real-hand" massage experience by combining consistent 107.6 F (42°C) heat to 3 optimized massage modes and 15 adjustable strength levels


One charge of this 1600mAh rechargeable battery provides 15 soothing minutes of daily use for over 30 days



Proactively shuts off to prevent accidental overuse and maximize battery life


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How Strong is the PULSA?

The PULSA has 15 different strength settings. The level you use will depend on your specific needs and will vary based on muscle tightness and desired pressure. Turn it up, turn it down, whatever feels best!

How Does It Work?

The PULSA uses the TENS™ (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) methodology, a clinically proven technique to relieve both acute and chronic muscular pain. The PULSA combines this with a consistent flow of soothing heat to aid in muscle tightness, relax blood vessels, and increase blood circulation.

Will the PULSA fit me?

Yes, no need to worry. The PULSA has been specially designed with adjustable material to allow for a perfect fit on any neck size.

How Do I Charge It?

Comes with a standard USB cable with which it fully charges in approximately 2 hours. Assuming standard usage of 15 minutes a day, the PULSA will last you 1 month on a full charge.

Is it Safe?

Yes. The PULSA leverages a widely accepted and clinically proven technique called the TENS™ method. We cannot comment on specific cases, however,

Can I Use Essential Oils With the PULSA?

It is not recommended to use essential oils with the PULSA. Most greasy oils have poor, non-conductive properties, which can interfere with the pulse functionality

What Does My Order Come With?

Your PULSA will come beautifully packaged with the following:

  • x1 PULSA™ 2.0 Intelligent Neck Massager
  • x1 USB Charger
  • x1 Wireless PULSA™ 2.0 Remote Controller
  • x1 User's Manual

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